Our band has increased in numbers and diversity of instruments since our humble beginnings in 1986.
We started with one melodeon player and a concertina and have transformed into the Black Pig Wall of Sound comprising of Melodeons, Concertinas, Banjos,Mandolins,Guitars, Fiddles, Flutes and Recorders,Drums and Percussion to name but a few...
The majority of our dancers play some sort of instrument so whilst they are notdancing, they join in with the band.

Our first CD, Roll a Ferret for Jesus (click for samples) was produced in 2002 and was originally conceived so that the musicians could get drunk while the dancers practiced. However, the forces of creation greater than exploding suns absorbed the energies of the universe and brought together a subtle blend of ambiance v irreverence (That's what we tell everybody)

After a long period of non-availabilty, we have fortunately found a few more of left-over CD1s metaphorically down the back of the sofa. Available to purchase from our Black Pig Shop.

Following on from the huge success of our first CD Roll A Ferret for Jesus,is our second CD
Three Sheets to The Wind (click for samples) A mix of traditional Morris/Folk, Burlesque, Classical, Techno and Soundscapes

Available to purchase from our Black Pig Shop

We have also had two tracks from our first CD included on a fantastic compilation CD, The Magic of Morris, produced by Talking Elephant Records and featuring Albion Morris Men, Ashley Hutchings, Black Pig Border Morris, Chris Leslie, Crucible, Cry Havoc, Fr Kenneth Loveless MBE, Grand Union Morris Men, Jake Walker, James Melville, Jim Catterall, Jockey Morris Men, Morris On Band, Moulton Morris Men, Silurian Border Morris Men, West Hill Morris, White Rose Morris Men and William Kimber.

This Double CD is available through Talking Elephant Records or direct from

The Morris Shop


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