Black Pig - Danceouts, Events and General Shenanigans
(No responsibility is accepted for abrupt cancellations, death, injury, fire, lightning, flood, armegeddon, Brexit, return of the Mysterons, fracking, Chinese swine/bird/spanish/SARS/MERS  Pox... ...Errmmm etc!)

Bookings as at Friday, August 07, 2020
Cancellations due to Covid-19 shown struck out :-(

Tues 14th July - Chesterfield Garland dance out

Wed 29th July - Chip Off The Old - Dance Out

Sun 23rd August - MFN - Retro Weekend

Sat 29th August - Flower Pot Beer Festival

Fri-Sun 4-6th September - Off The Tracks Festival

Fri-Sun 24-6th September - Louth, OMRLP Conference

Sat 21st November - Piggin AGM!