Black Pig - Danceouts, Events and General Shenanigans
(No responsibility is accepted for abrupt cancellations, Donald Trump, Boris Johnson, return of the Mysterons, train cancellations, currency disputes, website crashes, Chinese Pig Pox... ...etc!)

Booking possibilities as at Saturday, January 23, 2021
Yes, they are only possibilities at this stage - for obvious reasons. Dates will only appear when things become more definite. Known cancellations will be struck out.

April/May - Upton Folk Festival

May - Beauvale Priory - Folk In The Barn

16th May - Nottingham Yacht Club Rally

June- Bakewell International Day of Dance

July - Whitstable/Dead Horse Morris weekend

August - Aston On Trent - Well Dressing

3-5th September - Off The Tracks Festival

September - Lincoln Big Morris

September - Bicker Steam Rally

18th September - Nottingham Yacht Club Beer Festival