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Black Pig Border Morris CD - Three Sheets To the Wind.

Now available at the bargain price of 5.99

   Tracks - HB2, Drowsy Maggie Medley, South Australia, John Roy Lyall, Jack The Lad, I Think I'll Take a Pigeon Out, Tubular Sticks, Portsmouth, Tequila, Manchester Hornpipe, Medley,Tom Paine's Bones, Jesu Joy, Italian Rant, Jacky Tar Medley, Verbalise Your P.O.T., Sailors Life/ Go to Sea no More, Mingulay Boat Song, HB2 (reprise), Duck Wrap.

Black Pig Border Morris CD - Roll A Ferret For Jesus.

Now available at the bargain price of 5.99
(limited stock - cases may be slightly imperfect).

   Tracks - Off to California, British Grenadiers, Much Wenlock, Donkey Riding, Peter Street, Turkey in the Straw, Brighton Camp, Old Bazaar in Cairo, Paddy McGinty's Goat, Coal Hole Cavalry, Selston Mummers Play, I'll never dance Cotswold, Stop the Cavalry, Dorset 4 Hand Reel, Jollity Farm, The Rose Tree, Speed the Plough, Piggy Rounds, Waltzing Mathilda, Black Pig Re-mix.

Black Pig Sew On/Iron On Patch
10cm x 6cm (4" x 2 1/2")

Now available at the bargain price of 3.49.

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